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Why your imagination be the only thing allowed to soar?


For less than the price of a luxurious car, you can own the freedom of the JORA ultra light aircraft.

Weighing 450 Kg, this sleek two-seater has a wingspan of only 10.8 meters, a 48 liter tank and a cruise speed of up to 150 km/h.

JORA has been already well established in the Netherlands, Finland, France, Norway, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, the Czech Republic, Denmark.

The JORA joins the stable of powered glider developed by the same manufacturers of the Straton D7 and D8.  Each of these aircraft have a long and distinguished flight history and are renowned for their impeccable safety records.

The state of the art technology that propels its engine is also reflected in its practical exterior design. The wings fold in to reduce its size to that of a cabin cruiser enabling the JORA to be compactly stored at home, avoiding expensive hangar fees. It can also be towed easily behind a standard motor vehicle and assembled by two adults in less than ten minutes.

Imagine being able to fly over your property to check water levels or the stock, get supplies from town or just "get away" for a while, the JORA can take you where you want to go.





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